Our missionTo analyze, clarify, properly describe and choose a solution for the current need of our Client within 48 hours.
Our values● Time: our elaborated and tested principles of interaction increase the speed of making a deal. As a result, the contract is formed within 2 working days- The base time of 48 hours to provide a Client with Contractors which possess the experience needed to implement a Client’s project;- The base time of 48 hours to select available projects which fully comply with the Contractor’s area of expertise;●  Transparency: our basic rules on how to interact on the platform are understandable by everyone;● Credibility: our platform has been tested by Professionals and our partners’ reputation has been confirmed by the amount of deals we made with them;● Optimality: we give an appropriate solution on the appropriate level, in appropriate time in appropriate place;● Verification: we check and clarify if all Inquiries are correct. We also check and clarify stated capabilities of our Contractors;● Trust: we only work with Contractors that have been previously approved by our Professionals as well as have been given positive feedback from our partners;● Unified channel: is used to provide our Client with a stable communication with all members that give an appropriate solution;● Individual approach: during the work with our Partners we always take into account their individual preferences.
THE VOLUNTEERS SYNERGY project covers the key needs of Ukrainian defenders and the people of Ukraine in the hot spots.VOLUNTEERS SYNERGY provides with:● Medical Equipment;● Military Equipment;● Digital Equipment;● Motor Transport.